Hello to all the young people out there….I am so glad you’re here on this page. I trust that you would have learned something to take with you by the time you click the x button.

Before I tell you more about this blog…how about I let you in a little bit about the person behind it. I am a twenty something years young, driven, fearless, and most importantly, I am a daughter of the king (Jesus Christ). I love to see young people thrive in all areas of their life. Aside from my love for encouraging and inspiring, I love to write, I love to share and listen to encouraging/inspirational stories. So, with all of these goodness at hand, I thought why not use it to make a positive impact. so here I am! 🙂

I’m here to share with you all wonderful young people what I know for sure, and what I continue to learn. I look forward to learning from you as well.

Now, about this blog…it was simply born out of passion. It is here to encourage/inspire you, to challenge you, and to cause you to re-think your power as a young person.

I believe with the little I know and continue to learn about life and of course with your contribution, we can learn from one another, we can inspire one another, we can be GREAT together! .

So, dear young person…are you ready…to make an impact in your world…to be the change?

I dare you…to be GREATER! I dare you to make a positive IMPACT! I dare you…to become your HIGHEST self! 🙂


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