Believing in your dream when it is yet to manifest

Perhaps keeping the dream alive is the most difficult thing about having a dream. It is very difficult to believe in something when it seems as though it isn’t going to happen, or it is taking too long to happen. The thing about putting all your hard work into your dream; into something you believe in is that, you must believe that the outcome of what you are looking for has ¬†already been manifested even when it has not yet…because that is what “crazy” people do; they believe it is there before it actually is.

This is to encourage you young people ¬†including myself; who are believing to arrive at the other side of your dream…to the young person who is continuously working hard day and night to attain something they’ve always wanted. The sleepless nights will surely be worth it…don’t give up, keep pushing…keep watering your dream and before you know it it will become another thing you can tick off your check list.

Surround yourself with positive people to stay motivated. Think positive, believe that if it is a desire on your heart, you can and you will achieve it.

Dear young person with a dream…I dare you to keep working hard on that dream. I dare you to believe that if you can dream it…you can attain it!