What do I believe about myself?

A couple of months back I found myself asking this question…what do I really believe  about myself? 

sometimes it is important to ask yourself simple questions that seem kind of silly (because who isn’t aware of or know what they believe about themselves right? duh!). But I call it a nice-silly way to kind of check in with yourself, do a little inventory of what society has dumped on you, your friends, family or sometimes even yourself.

what have you been told or better yet what have you told yourself. it is good things or it is bad things? Do you truly (logically just thinking about it for a sec.) believe those things about yourself?. Or have you just kind of accepted them.

Someone I admire very much once said this…and it got me thinking: if you don’t  reject the negative things said to you or about you, you accept them…consciously or subconsciously. So, lets take charge of our minds, of our beliefs…lets assess what we actually believe about ourselves, and then once we’ve done that first,  lets ask ourselves…do I even really believe that about myself?. 

You might discover after doing this simple…almost silly activity, that you don’t actually believe (believe = agreement) with some of the things that runs through your mind about myself.

So…the question still stands…Am I ready for this mind inventory? Am I ready to remove all the garbage that has been damped on me by others, and myself?

Dear young people…I dare you to take charge of your mind; to let your mind work for you and not against you. I dare you…to believe you’re powerful…I dare you to believe you can achieve anything you put your mind towards…I dare you to believe you’re just that awesome!. 🙂 ❤